Asus T100 Install SSD, Replace HDD

Asus T100 has been on sale in Europe and United States from quite sometime now. Meanwhile, the only model that is on sale has 32 GB of eMMC flash storage. Now, Asus is selling a new model that has traditional 500 GB hard disk in the keyboard dock. We now have a tutorial on how to replace the HDD and fit in an SSD in its place.

Asus T100 Install SSD, Replace HDD

SSD used in this tutorial is Samsung 840 EVO, and thanks to it, the write and read speeds went up from 103 MB/s | 105 MB/s to 220 | 230 MB/s.

Asus T100 Install SSD
Asus T100 Install SSD swap hdd

Here is the video on how to do it.

It is really simple to do and can be done without breaking your warranty. It is interesting to see that despite using one of the fastest SSDs out there, read and write performance only doubled. Also, while Intel Atom Z3740 CPU brings myriad improvements, the chipset does not natively supports SATA interface, which forced Asus to use USB 3.0 bus, which does not offers very fast bandwidth.


Had it natively supported SATA, the read | write speeds would have crossed 500 MB/s. [via frazpc] (Polish)

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