Nokia Lumia 630 Benchmarks VS 525

We finally got our Nokia Lumia 630 from the company and the first thing we wanted to test is how faster it is compared to Lumia 525. We were excited to see how its entry level Quad Core CPU + 512MB RAM fares against 525’s Dual Core CPU + 1GB RAM.

Nokia Lumia 630 Benchmark using WP AnTuTu App

Nokia Lumia 630 Benchmarks VS 525

Sounds great right? The total score is 260.95 while the 525 got a still very much respectable 176.7.

The 630’s CPU took less time to compute and process data. At the same time, it got higher GPU scores too.

lumia 525 antutu benchmark 

So in benchmark tests the Lumia 630 is faster but since WP runs butter smooth even on low end handsets you will not feel much difference.


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