Which is best way to do hard drive recovery

Hard disks make use of spindles to store data which are rotating at high speeds. Compared to an SSD, there are higher chances of the data getting corrupted which is why a lot of laptop and ultrabook manufactures are shifting to SSD or hard disk storage. If you are having issues with your hard disk, you better have an excellent recovery software installed on your computer. The best one is EaseUS Recovery Wizard.

hard drive recovery

Whether you prefer data recovery software free or can afford paid ones, you ought to check the features offered as that is what matters in the end. EaseUS Recovery Wizard is a full featured software that can get data recovered from various types of media and that includes hard disk, USB, memory cards and even digital camera. The app is very easy to use and in this article, we will be using it to perform hard disk recovery.

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First, we need to download the EaseUS Recovery Wizard from official website. It is available for both windows and mac so download the one for your operating system. Start the app and select the drive where you lost the data. Then click on Scan button which will perform a quick scan of recoverable files.

If you are unable to find your files here, we suggest going for the deep scan option which takes much more time but does a deeper scan. Once the scanning process has completed, you can preview the files that you wish to recover. This is an amazing option since you can filter the things you want back.

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After that, click on recover button. Make sure not to select the data on the source drive or partition as that will cause overwriting of data making it extremely difficult to recover lost data.

That is it – you have successfully recovered data from hard disk. As said before, you can recover data from digital camera or memory card as well.

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