Which is best antivirus application for android?

The smartphones are now an integral part of our lives. We carry it around with us every day without thinking about data security and safety. A lot of websites can secretly install malware on your phone and can infect your phone. To keep your phone safe from malware and dangerous applications, you should get an antivirus that can protect your phone from viruses and malwares.

avg antivirus

These malware applications can harm the data stored on your phone and even delete or sniff on the data stored on your phone. Once installed, the hacker can secretly peek into everything that you are doing on your phone. We tested many antivirus applications for android and found AVG antivirus to be the best.

You can get free download for AVG antivirus app and install it on your android phone within few seconds. The AVG antivirus application is brimming with features and can scan applications and games in real-time. So even if the application is not running in the foreground, your phone is safe and it is keeping an eye on all the files that are being downloaded on the phone and ensuring that no malware or virus is running in background.

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This way it defends your phone against dangerous applications, malware and spyware. AVG antivirus also keeps a close eye on your phone’s device settings and notifies you in case if it finds a setting that can put your phone at risk.

While the AVG antivirus runs the background silently, you can fire it up and do a scan of your entire device. This includes both internal and external storage. You can even tell it to monitor your phone’s browsing sessions which adds another level of security to your android phone.

avg antivirus 3

AVG antivirus application comes with several other useful features. One of them is application lock which locks any application to protect your privacy. Second useful feature is call and message blocker. This protects your phone against spammers and hackers. It is only available for phones that are running android 4.4 version or higher.

Verdict – AVG Antivirus application is a very promising application with excellent scanning and protection mechanism to keep the malware out. Plus, there are ton of extra features that make it an indispensible application for android phone and tablets.

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