Recovering data from memory card the easiest way

Think of a scenario like this – you are on vacation and suddenly the memory card that you were using in your camera or smartphone suddenly dies. You have taken several hundred pictures of various places you have been to and you want them back at all costs. If you take that memory card to some professional, you would be charged exorbitant amount but we will tell you a better and cheaper way to do it.

Recovering data from memory card

We will be using recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This software is most comprehensive yet easiest to use. With you can recover your PC or memory card from accidental or deliberate formatting, partition loss, virus attack and deletion.


Using it is actually very simple – download the app onto your computer and install it. It is a good idea to not install it on the source drive. Start the app and select the file types you wish to recover. You can select either all types or if you are only recovering pictures, select graphic type. Select all types if you want to recover every single type of file that was earlier there on the card. This is useful when you had placed important work or videos on it that you do not want to lose.

In next step, select the USB drive from which you want to do memory card recovery. Press the scan to initiate the quick scan process. This will take only a few moments and you will get list of files that you can recover. There is a little preview window that gives you a preview of images which is handy if you want to recover only a set of images and leave the others. If the memory card you are trying to recover has a lot of images, you can pause the process with its dedicated pause button. It is also possible to completely stop the process.


As soon as scan completes, you will be shown list of files that are recoverable. In case you did not find the files you were looking for, you will have to go for deep scan modes which will help showing you files you could not find in initial scan. After that simply click on the recover button to store the recovered files. And that is it and you have recovered the lost files.

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