Partition Master Free makes partitioning disks easier

Hard disk partition management plays an indispensible role in managing the data stored on the storage devices. Believe it or not but disk partitioning is one of the most important jobs carried out by IT admins. The reason is that playing with partitions can lead to loss of data especially when you do not know what you are doing. Fortunately there are lot of quality disk management software out there but the one that we personally recommend using is the Partition Master.

This free disk management tool allows you to extend the system partition and lets you manage disk space easily on the MBR and GPT disks. This disk partition software is used and trusted by over 24 million users around the globe and supports almost all windows operating system released till date including windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista and even XP. It latest version allows you to create a WinPE bootable media as well and that without the need of installing AIK / WAIK. This in turns saves a lot of time.

Partition Master Free makes partitioning disks easier

The Partition Master allows you to convert FAT to NTFS system which is very important for those who want to upgrade from XP to windows 8 and 10 on their computers. The newer version of windows do not support FAT supported for installing the operating system. It is also possible to convert gpt to mbr with the partition master. Other nifty utilities include the ability to migrate the operating system from hard disk to SSD and vice versa without reinstalling the OS.

This application allows you to do all the partition management yourself without consulting any IT admin or professional. To get started, simply download the installation file from the official website and install it on your computer. Then double click on the shortcut on the desktop. You will shown all the disks of your computer together with their total capacities, used and unused space. Then click on a particular partition to resize or move it.


It is also possible to easily merge partitions. To do that, simply click on the checkboxes to merge the partitions and click on the Ok button. That is it, the task will be completed within few minutes.

Verdict – Partition Master is an amazingly easy to use free disk partition manager that is reliable, versatile and most importantly non-destructive. It is indeed a full featured disk manager which can format, partition and repartition drives.

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