How to Convert MOV files to AVI

Did you know that video format recorded on iPhone and many other Apple devices including their Macbooks is MOV. MOV videos run without a problem on iOS and Mac OS but not all devices run either of those operating systems. Most of the laptops sold in the market run Windows operating system and it does not support MOV file format natively. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved by converting those MOV files to AVI that natively playable by videos app on windows.

mov to avi conversion

The best way for doing conversion from mov to avi is by downloading and installing Movavi video converter. First download the application from the official website. It supports both windows and Macintosh operating systems. Installation process is very user friendly and to the point. Once it has completed, fire up the app and click on the “Add video” button to add files. It shall be noted that the Movavi video converter supports batch conversion, so it makes sense in adding multiple files and folders at once.


Now, we will tell the app that we want to convert the file to AVI. This can be done by clicking on the drop down menu located beside “Convert to” option. Select AVI format from the list. Located just below that is a Destination field. Click on the Browse button to specify the output folder where the converted files will be saved. If you do not specify one, default file path will be used which in this case is the same one as input folder.


Now that we have specified all the settings, you can click on the Convert button to commence the conversion process. This process will not take much time as the app makes use of advanced algorithms which combined with hardware encoding makes encoding process super fast. When it completes, the output folder will open.


Other nifty features of the Movavi video converter is DVD ripper, audio conversion, video to audio conversion and image file conversion. Using the DVD ripper, you can rip the DVD files to any video format of your choice.

Audio conversion feature allows you to convert audio files from one format to another. Video to audio conversion lets you extract and save only the audio part of the video. For this, after specifying a video file, select an audio codec instead of video codec and app will know that you want to extract and save the audio portion of the video. Image file conversion lets you convert images in one format to another.

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