How technology has changed gaming scenario

Technology and in particularly, mobile devices have changed the face of gaming forever. Back in 2007, Steve Jobs launched iPhone and it completely revolutionized the gaming scenario. The iPhone was not the first multi-touch phone that could do gaming but it was definitely the first to bring gaming to a person who was not a computer geek.

How technology has changed gaming scenario

Gone are the days where we could only play basic games inside a web browser. Now, thanks to high bandwidth availability, one is able to play games through cloud. Due to cloud technology, you can play high end, graphic intensive games on a tablet or on a smartphone. The graphics in this games are console quality and one does not need a console or 2000 thousand dollar gaming laptop to play them.

This is because all the hard work is done at the server and phone does not have to handle the stress that usually requires a powerful desktop grade GPU. Another thing that is changed in a big way is pricing. Just a decade back, the prices of the games used to range from 40-60 dollars. Now, one can bag most of them for a dollar or two. Cheap does not mean that the game quality is less than what one finds on consoles.

technology and gaming

For instance, games like Infinity Blade offer Playstation level graphics on iPhone and iPad. Same can be said for most casino gaming portals like M88 online games directly stream graphics and data over the cloud. This brings better user experience and helps improves battery life as well. Also, you do not have to use a disk or a cartridge to play a game. Gone are the days when you had to carry multiple disks to play games. Now, there is enough storage onboard and you no longer have to deals with disks and cartridges.

Now, the gaming companies are on verge of unlocking internet for video gaming’s true potential. It is being said that we will be playing video games in a totally different manner from 2-3 years from now.

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