How recycling laptops saves energy

There are myriad reasons why people get rid of old laptops. One of the most popular reason is old hardware and they are not able to handle the burden of modern applications and heavy demanding games. Today’s technology is making past tech obsolete at an astounding rate.

Usually people just drop their old laptops into bin as they are not able to get anything by selling it online on sites like eBay and Craigslist.  However when one puts them with other waste products, they decompose and leak out extremely dangerous chemicals that can potentially cause air and water pollution. If a company properly recycles laptops and other electronics, then a lot of energy can be saved and reused.

Now more and more people are becoming conscious about their environment. For that we must implement the 3Rs which are reduce, recycle and reuse. So instead of throwing your laptop away to pollute the Earth, you should consider recycling it.

Dozens of websites offer to buy your old laptop and some of them offer drop-off facility too. For instance we known many companies have SF Bay Area laptops drop-off facility where you can simple give your machine away and they immediately evaluate the condition of the working and non-working parts. After that they hand over you cash.

Some big electronic stores like Walmart also allow users to deposit their old gadgets for recycling. There is a recycling program at Staples where you can get eCash card when you give them your old machine. This recycling program works both online and offline.

How recycling laptops saves energy

If you bring it to one of their stores, someone will attend you at the recycling department and inspect your devices. Then they will give you a quote and you will get paid immediately in the form of eCash card that you can use for buying anything in the Staples store online or offline.

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