How good is the gaming experience on a Transformer Pad

Given how crowded the tablet market is, the Transformer range launched by Asus in 2014, needs to be able to stand out from its rivals in order to make any real impression. The key area where the various Transformer Pads – from the Prime to the Infinity – need to hit the mark is gaming, as this is probably the single most popular use of mobile devices for the majority of users. There’s game for every audience, whether you want Moomin Party or Riptide GP2, catering to children and grown-ups alike. So how good is, then, the gaming experience on a Transformer Pad?

How good is the gaming experience on a Transformer Pad

The initial model, the Asus Transformer, launched back in March 2014 was arguably well behind rivals like the iPad when it came to gaming – but the subsequent Prime and Infinity models seem like they could close the gap on Apple. Android devices have always suffered in comparison with Apple ones thanks to the failure to attract the top games developers to create primarily for this OS, but this is an area where they are now starting to really compete with Apple.

Many of the most popular iOS games, for example Football Manager 2012 Handheld, are now available for the Android OS as well – which means they can be played on a Transformer Pad. Furthermore, the actual experience of playing games on these devices has been enhanced significantly by the presence of the quad core Nvidia processor in the Prime and the Infinity (as well as the cheaper 300 model) because this provides gamers with a combination of processing and graphics power that will make games such as online casino ones much more enjoyable. You can click here to know more about such games.

Since the Asus Transformer is such a high end tablet, you get decent screen size and image resolution which is virtually unsurpassed. Less expensive models like the Transformer Pad 300 do not compete on this count, but the excellent processor, great choice of games and the option of a docking keyboard makes gaming on any Transformer Pad amongst the best tablet gaming experiences it is possible to have.

If you do not have a liking for Asus branded tablets, consider getting the Nexus tablets. They provide vanilla Google experience and receive updates as soon as Google rolls out a new one. No third party applications come pre installed on the Nexus tablets which is a big plus but if your main purpose is gaming, there is not one tablet that can beat the Asus Transformer.

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