Cloud Computing vs Virtualization and their advantages

Cloud computing is one of the biggest buzzwords in the IT landscape. However, without a doubt, it is yet to achieve the height that virtualization has achieved. This is chiefly due to the reason that virtualization has been around for a longer time than cloud computing. Today, two companies namely VMware, which makes the most popular virtualization software and Microsoft, the company behind most world’s popular desktop operating system are the biggest companies in the virtualization sector.


Microsoft believes that virtualization is a function of operating system, while VMware considers it as an integral part of the network. Microsoft says the consumer does not need to worry about how the virtualization is implemented as it controls the way cloud services work inside the operating system. When we talk in terms of cloud computing, VMware sees it as a service and utilizes public and private clouds when dealing with companies. Public cloud computing hosting providers provided via VMware include Verizon, Bluelock and COLT.

Cloud computing is being used everywhere – from online gaming, online application processing and even on myriad sport betting websites like M88asia in which people try to predict sport results and earn money on basis of outcome. Cloud computing is also heavily being used for storing data online and this is being provided by websites like Onedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and so on.


Of course, there are many other advantages of cloud computing, especially to companies and the one on top of the list is disaster recovery. Company trust cloud because the data can be duplicated over various places so if in case disaster happens to one of the data centre, data of company is still secure. This is because the data was duplicated over other places as well. So no need to worry about information loss due to human error or natural disaster.

Cloud computing increases IT system efficiency and this helps to reduce the delivery time of project that gives business an edge over its competition.

VMware is a virtualization company and provides excellent IT support. Microsoft, on the other hand has developed strong Internet presence over the last 10 years with its Windows line up and strong portfolio of data centres that makes it very strong in the cloud services field like Onedrive which was previously known as Skydrive.

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