How clean your macbook and remove all unwanted apps and programs

Mac operating system is very easy to use and is uninstalling application on it. The entire process is very straight forward and intuitive. Just dragging the application icon to the trash uninstalls it. While the application is uninstalled and removed from the computer, it does leaves plethora of unwanted files on the hard disk gobbling up valuable storage space on the computer.
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Over the period of time, these files accumulate and end up clogging your Mac’s hard disk resulting in decreased performance. To deal with these issues, one needs a better way to uninstall apps on mac such as Movavi Mac Cleaner. Download the app from the official website and drag the DMG file you just downloaded to the application icon. This will install the app on your Mac.

This mac cleaner cares about the condition of the Mac and immediately upon start, it will start scanning the entire hard disk for any and every piece of junk and unwanted file. There is a progress bar showing the progress to the user. If you have never used a mac cleaner on your mac, it may take a while for the scan to get completed.
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Once the scan has completed, you can simply tap on the Start Cleaning button to do away with the clutter. This however will not uninstall the apps and the junk leftovers by the respective apps. For that, you must use the Uninstaller function located on the left sidebar of the app. You can find user apps in the first tab. Clicking on the Remove button will delete the application as well as the leftovers.

If you had previously uninstalled the app using the built in Mac uninstaller, you can find their leftovers in the third tab. You can uninstall multiple apps at once. For that, check on the checkboxes present next to the icons and click on the Remove button to initiate the uninstallation procedure. This way you will free up gigabytes of data from your computer.
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Movavi Mac Cleaner does more than just uninstalling app. It has several advanced features like System cleanup and Trash cleanup. In the system cleanup function, you will find ways to delete log and cache files from the hard disk of your Mac laptop. This section compromises of myriad on and off switches that allow you to delete file of particular type. The Trash cleanup feature lets you delete the trash files. This includes files that are still present on your recycle bin.

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