Best way to convert SWF to video on your laptop

We are all very fond of flash movies but it is not possible to get them to run offline or on mobile devices. Fear not as there are some amazing applications out there that let you convert your SWF files to videos on your laptop easily and effectively. The one we recommend is Movavi SWF to video converter. The application converts into the native video format that is easily playable on any computer irrespective of operating system that you are using. We have tested it and the converted video files work like a charm on Mac, Windows and Linux laptops.

The Movavi SWF to video converter also supports conversion to MP4 format that can easily be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad or iPad. For putting them on iOS device, fire up iTunes and drag the converted MP4 files to the device’s icon and file will be transferred on your device. After that open up the video player on your iOS device to find your converted file.

SWF to video on your laptop

The Movavi converter can also convert files for your DVD players which is perfect when you want to play the files on the large screen. Just convert the SWF files to the MPEG-2 format an burn the files to your DVD for playing on a media player. You also get some editing capabilities with it such as ability to change the audio of flash video. This way you can add your own sound track on it. For that just select the sound checkbox on the audio settings tab > microphone and start talking into the microphone.

When outputting the video for local playback on your laptop, you get to choose between myriad presents where you can customize the frame rate, video codecs and resolution. If you have a HD resolution panel, do not choose more than 1366 x 768 pixels. In case you are using a laptop with full HD display, then choose no less than 1920 x 1080 pixels to ensure you get best picture quality.

Downloading and installing the Movavi SWF to video converter is very simple. Just visit their website and download it. It should not take a long time as it of meager 21 mega bytes in download size and installation is painless. It is available in plethora of languages and all platforms are supported. You can pay in your local currency and price is very reasonable too.

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