Best Sports apps for iPhone

Apple iPhone is the most popular premium smartphone out there and there is an app for everything. There are tons of sports apps as well and sometimes it can get hard to choose one due to sheer number of apps available right now. So, we consulted our iPhone app experts to find the best sports apps for iPhone and they came up with a list.

Best Sports apps for iPhone

First on our list is ESPN sports. It has the cleanest design and supports push notifications so never miss an important shot. Even though it behaves a bit weird at times, but there is not a single app that comes close to ESPN app in terms of functionality. If you do not want to waste your time downloading tons of apps, get the ESPN app. Whether Asian handicap odds are winning or losing, you will stay abreast with latest happenings with this app. It is also available for the Android platform.

Second on our experts’ list is Sports Feed. It is more like a clutter-free version of ESPN app. It also has support for notifications and has toggle on its main page to ensure you never miss a shot from 12bet or your favourite team. There is a quick share button at the bottom of every page which you can use to share the event or scores with loved ones or on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Sports Feed

Third app on our list is Fancred. This is an app for true fans who want perks like ability to upload videos, photos and comment on articles about the sports you love and enjoy. This brings the fans of sports together and able to get as much involved as possible. You can even tweet about the team right from the app which is something that is not found in most of the apps.

Four on our list is Rotoworld. In this app you can sort the news by the sports you like. So if you like basketball more than soccer, you can tell the app to do so. The newsfeed is divided into many sentences so you can able to scroll easily. It also has support for push notifications.

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