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Which is best way to do hard drive recovery

Hard disks make use of spindles to store data which are rotating at high speeds. Compared to an SSD, there are higher chances of the data getting corrupted which is why a lot of laptop and ultrabook

Best Sports apps for iPhone

Apple iPhone is the most popular premium smartphone out there and there is an app for everything. There are tons of sports apps as well and sometimes it can get hard to choose one due to sheer

How technology has changed gaming scenario

Technology and in particularly, mobile devices have changed the face of gaming forever. Back in 2007, Steve Jobs launched iPhone and it completely revolutionized the gaming scenario. The iPhone was not the first multi-touch phone that could

Top Windows 10 tips and tricks infographic

Windows 10 brings a bunch of improvements and enhancements over the older versions of windows. The biggest one is return of start menu which was one of the major annoyances of windows 8. But our favourite feature

Recovering data from memory card the easiest way

Think of a scenario like this – you are on vacation and suddenly the memory card that you were using in your camera or smartphone suddenly dies. You have taken several hundred pictures of various places you