Sony S990A Specs Price Review

Sony did not announce off its S990A, which is the world’s first curved LED TV at the IFA 2013, but it was on there on the floor so that journalists can eye on it. The TV has 65 inch display and packs full HD resolution (1080p) – sorry no 4K resolution for curved TVs yet. It has same Triluminos display technology that the company has been using in some of its latest televisions, but we are told that it’s more immersive than before.

Sony S990A review

The Sony S990A has 8x speakers that are angled in different directions to ensure you get that surround sound experience. Also included are mobile friendly features like NFC remote paring, smart connect media sharing and second screen support via SideView.

Release date of Sony S990A is said to be late October (2013) but the company has already started taking pre orders to recoup its R&D costs. Asking price is whopping 4000 dollars, which is slightly less than its OLED TV models.

Sony S990A Specs Price Review

I saw the 4K 65inch Sony TV today on demo for not much more than this. I can tell you that there is a vert big difference between 1080 and 4K. I watched from about 2 meters away and the image was superb. Curved TV’s should be left to the Koreens along with the other gimmicks they use.

Sony S990A curved tv review

If you ask us, Sony’s design just have not been up to par lately. Even their new Z1 phone has massive bezel that makes the phone so big – like a lamborghini with 15 inch wheels.


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