Panasonic WT600 UHD TV Review Specs Price

Panasonic has released a TV called WT600 that is based on the new HDMI 2.0 specifications. The WT600 supports the new 4K resolution at 60 FPS and fully supports the displayport 1.2a too. It measures 65 inches and offers built in H.264 decoder and you will be able play all 4K content directly from the USB flash drives, SD card or anything that comes from the Internet, thanks to the built in Wi-Fi.

Panasonic WT600 review

Users can have personalized home screens on the WT600, so that the users can pick up their favorite media quickly using voice control or touchpad remote. The TV is up for pre order with a starting price tag of 6000 dollars. Shipment of this Panasonic TV will commence late October.

The image on the WT600 is clearer image than the window I’m sitting next to. However, personally, I believe Smart TVs are stupid, because the TV is the last thing that you want to have to upgrade or have to change. Read Sony S990A review. Plug a box into it and change / upgrade that every 3 years.  I think this is why a set top Apple TV box (like what we currently have) works so much better than Apple actually making a TV. You only upgrade these things once every half decade or so (or more!). I’ve yet to use any of the smart features built into my TV. Just switch to Apple TV or Roku out of habit — plus it’s a better experience.

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