Ramos i8, i9, i10, i12: Android and Atom Z2580 processor

Ramos has launched its first range of Android tablets with Intel Clover trail + platform. These new tablets include i8, i9, i10, and i12, which come equipped with 8, 9, 10 and 11.6 inch displays respectively. All of these Android tablets will be making their way to China in late September with a starting price of 195 dollars.

Ramos i8, i9, i10, i12 specs

The Ramous i8, as expected is the cheapest but its specs are not bad for a $195 tablet. It comes with 1GB RAM, 1280X800 pixel resolution display, and of course, Intel Atom Z2580 processor that runs at 2GHz clock speed. The new CPU is based on the Intel Clover trail architecture which is slower than Bay Trail that was launched last week. Specs of other tablets are same but come with full HD resolution and 2GB RAM for faster processing.

Ramos i8, i9, i10, i12 price

Industries in China are known to make decent quality tablets at rock-bottom prices and these Ramos tablets are no exception.


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