Overclock Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100, N5110

This is a overclocking guide for both Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi and 3G model. The Wi-Fi model is codenamed N5110 and Wi-Fi + 3G model is called N5100. To enable overclocking you need to have custom CWM, which will allow you to install overclocking applications.

Overclock Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100, N5110

To enable overclocking on your Galaxy Note 8.0, you must flash the Civz’s kernel. Here is the one for N5100 and this one will work on N5110. Here are the features of this overclocked kernel.

Change nothing and it is 99% running at stock kernel functions.
OC up to 1920MHz Inspired by Xcstacy N-8000 kernel.
UC , new lower frequencies 100MHz.
Start up boot speed is 100MHz – 1600MHz (default speeds), you need to change that to your likings.
CPU savings power limit by samsung still works , activating will drop max CPU to 1100MHz like the default.
UV/OV (Min UV 600mV , Max 1500mV) support on most cpu control apps (setcpu , trickster (included), ….) Thanks to Ezekeel , Netarchy & Andreilux
GPU voltage control and 533MHz step unlocked and selectable (with "TricksterMod"), Min uv is 600mV
ARM optimized algorithm
ARCH power enabled
Boeffla Sound 1.6.0 engine
Insecure boot
Init.d support with I/O tweaks
Triangle Away app support (Only works with V2.90 Triangle away, newer versions don’t support this kernel)
All features build in kernel : cifs , ufs, ppp 3Gusb dongle , ……… NO MORE MODULES.
Build in support= ISO9660_FS, UDF_FS (cd_rom/dvd filesystem) , HF & HF_Plus .
DynamicFSYNC = Use Terminal command or Trickster Mod app. = enabled by default.
Striped of debugging
Governors: Adaptive, Pegasusq(default), Interactive, Powersave, Performance, Ondemand, Userspace, LulzActivQ.
Schedulers: cfq (default), Noop, Deadline, Row, Sio, VR
Cpu frequencies according to load
Adaptive Body Bias control @ AndreiLux
MMC cap brick bugg disabled as a precaution.
GPS automated update of the lto2 file for faster gps lock-on.
Use Paragon for exFat support or stick Mount (I already added the needed files " ntfs-3g" exFat" in the update zip in system/bin)
3GUSB support (dongle) with the PPP-Widget (just set your APN in the widget and connect it, it works fine with my Huawei E1552 3GUSB dongle)

Keep in mind that your external SD cards must be using FAT or FAT32 format. No other format is supported by this kernel. If want to use NTFS and exFAT for USB peripherals, you must use StickMount.

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