Lenovo S8-50 Specifications, IdeaPad Tab with optional 3G 4G

We have spotted an unannounced Lenovo Ideapad Tab on the Bluetooth SIG website. There are three variants of it namely Lenovo S8-50F, S8-50L and S8-50LC. First variant is WiFi only, second comes with 3G and last one has 4G LTE radio enabled.

While concrete Lenovo S8-50 Specifications are not available yet we do know that it will have 8 inch display and run Android operating system.

We have also been told that it will have an Intel CPU packed in an ultra slim chassis. It will also be made available in variety of colors.

Lenovo S8-50

Two more Lenovo tablets were spotted on Bluetooth SIG website which includes TS508T1W-PC and TS708T1W-PC. Since both have PC as suffix, it is safe to assume they will be laptops.

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