Dell Venue Pro 8 Review Specs Price

Few days back, Dell revived the Venue lineup by churning out two tablets – Venue Pro 8 and Pro 11 5130. We were able to spend some additional time with the former and here is our short review of it. Unlike Pro 11 5130, the Pro 8 comes with 8 inch display, just like the galaxy note 8.0 tablet which has enjoyed handsome sales lately. However, unlike Note 8.0 tablet, it has two key differences – it has an IPS display and most importantly, it runs Windows 8 operating system that lets you run almost any desktop app out there.

Dell Venue Pro 8 Review

The display of this Dell tablet is very bright, clear and brilliant. Its screen packs a modest 1280×800 pixel resolution, which looks very crisp. Even though it is very slim, it still manages to pack micro SD, micro USB and SIM card slot that keeps you connected while on the move. It also supports 4G LTE for high speed cellular data transfer.

Dell Venue Pro 8 Review Specs

The Pro 8 tablet weighs 394 grams. It is compatible with a stylus that can be stored in the tablet when not in use. It looks like a real pen and works very well on the screen. You can use it to take notes by hand. The stylus is powered Synaptics, not Wacom though.

Dell Venue Pro 8 Review Specs price

So, what powers the tablet? It features an Intel bay trail processor, Atom Z3740 if you feel like checking out its benchmarks and review. It is also being used in the Acer W4 tablet which packs same specs and display size. Price is very lucrative – just 299 dollars for the unit without keyboard.

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