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Samsung PM1633a specifications, a 16TB SSD

It is called Samsung PM1633a and is the largest capacity SSD drive ever made. It can store up to 16TB of data through 3D NAND flash memory (NAND-V) that was developed on 48 levels stacked on each

Asus T100 Install SSD, Replace HDD

Asus T100 has been on sale in Europe and United States from quite sometime now. Meanwhile, the only model that is on sale has 32 GB of eMMC flash storage. Now, Asus is selling a new model

Download Pocket for Chrome / Windows

Pocket, formerly Read It Later has released Chrome extension that allows you to read and manage your Pocket content. It works similarly to the iOS and Android versions where the content is stored offline, allowing the users

Archos 80b Platinum Specs, Price

Are you tired of waiting for a non Samsung Android tablet with 8 inch display? Well, consider yourself lucky as Archos has released 80b Platinum with 8 inch display. It is about the size of Apple iPad

Overclock Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100, N5110

This is a overclocking guide for both Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi and 3G model. The Wi-Fi model is codenamed N5110 and Wi-Fi + 3G model is called N5100. To enable overclocking you need to have custom

Why Nokia Lumia 520 is selling so well in India?

The reason why Lumia 520 is selling well is there is no phone from big OEMs like Samsung/HTC/LG/Sony with these specs at this price. Even the Micromax, Karbonn does have less storage and old cortex-a7 processors which

Windows Phone share in India

In Q1 2013, Nokia was accountable for 6 percent of total smartphone market in India. That said, Lumia sales will be more than 10% in Q2 because of Lumia 520 and 720. Even Lumia 620 launched in