Intel Core i5 6400T benchmark specs

Intel Core i5 6400T specs

Intel Core i5 6400T is a desktop grade processor that runs at 2.2 GHz base clock speed but can reach 2.5 GHz under turbo boost mode. There are four cores and four threads and boasts 6 MB shared L3 cache. Total amount of supported memory is 64GB. TDP of the Intel Core i5 6400T processor is 35 watts.

Intel Core i5 6400T benchmark

Intel Core i5 6400T benchmark

In the Cinebench R15 test, it scored 36.69 fps in OpenGL and 417cb in CPU test. This was with the DDR3 RAM. Who would have ever thought to have a 40W quad core i5 CPU with a decent GPU in such a low TDP. That’s the future and that’s what innovation must look for. In the future there won’t be place for desktop PCs as we know them.

Impact on mini PC sales

Mini PCs are growing up in sells every year and I’m sure they are going to be the next step in PCs evolution. "No one" wants a giant case with an extremely powerful CPU&GPU (with no one I mean 90% of the people who are not gamers). A low power CPU like this one, which allows you to do every task you want and still gives you the opportunity to play games acceptably in a small form factor (like NUCs) represents the biggest innovation of the last few years in desktop environment!


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