Intel Atom X5 Z8550 benchmark

Atom X5 Z8550 is an atom class processor that is being used in most of the entry levels windows tablets and cheap laptops. The processor is cheap but is more powerful than the Atom Z3735F processor which is used in all cheap windows laptops and tablets – especially the ones released in 2015.

Passmark benchmark results – In this the Atom X5 Z5500 scored same as the Z8500 which is expected and surprisingly scored higher than the AMD A6 3420M processor which is a proper mainstream laptop processor.

Intel Atom X5 Z8550 review

Cinebench R11.5 64 bit single core – The Cinebench score of the Atom X7 Z8700 is identical to the X5 Z8550. Celeron J3060 and n3060 scored higher than the Atom processors.

Intel Atom X5 Z8550 benchmark

Cine bench R11.5 64 bit iGPU benchmark test – This is a test of raw GPU performance and makes use of the integrated graphics card. In this the performance of the X5 Z8550 is slightly lower than the Intel Core i5 4302Y processor.

Intel Atom X5 Z8550 benchmarks

Verdict – Intel Atom X5 Z8550 benchmark clearly shows that this new Atom CPU is one of the best Atom processors out there. It delivers surprisingly amazing performance without sacrifice on battery life front.


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