Intel Atom T5500 T5700 Specifications

Intel Atom T5500 and T5700 were launched at the IDF 2016 event in San Francisco. Both of the new Intel processors are powered by the new Intel Joule SoM and being touted as more powerful than the Cherry trail based processors. Here is an overview of the Intel Atom T5500 and T5700 SoC Architecture.

Intel Atom T5500 T5700 Specifications

The aforementioned picture shows that the upcoming Intel Atom processors will be extensively used in home automation, manage and monitor all sorts of home appliances. Of course, one will see these processors being used in all sorts of mini laptops and best 2 in 1 laptops.

Intel Atom T5500 T5700 benchmarks

Coming to specifications, we have been told that the Atom T5500 is about 50 percent more powerful than the Atom X5-Z8500 quad core processor backed by Intel Integrated graphics. It also about 10 percent more powerful than the Atom X34XX edison based processors that were based on first development IoT platforms.

Specifications Intel Goldmont, Intel HD Gen9 Graphics and support for hardware acceleration of 4K video, encoding and decoding in HEVC, H .264 and VP8. According to reports from Santa Clara, the new chips offer a higher bandwidth by 80% and can manage photo sensors with 60% more pixels and higher frame rates. In addition, support eMMC 5.0 memories, connections PCIe interface and SCSI is included as well.

Intel Atom T5500 T5700 reviews

If you are wondering how Intel has managed to get more performance from these latest Intel Atom, the answer is simple: the passage from architecture to Silvermont Goldmont is critical, but it is even more than the abandonment of the mobile devices. In essence, the new chips can consume more energy than the predecessors. New Goldmont processors have a TDP of 12.6 watts.


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