Espressif ESP32 Specifications, features dual core SoC and Faster Wi-Fi

Earlier Espressif teased us about ESP32 which would come with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios and it is finally here. Espressif’s CEO has sent a letter to the ESP8266 devs that Espressif ESP32 processor is now available packing Tensilica L108 cores. Espressif ESP32 specs are given below. Also check out ESP 14 wifi module specifications here.

Espressif ESP32 Specifications

Espressif ESP32 vs ESP8266: Here are the differences

Espressif ESP32 offers faster wireless LAN performance as the Wi-Fi radio has been upgraded to support HT40 speed which in theory would give you 144.4 Mbps. It also features the new RF architecture that simplifies application schematics.

Other improvements of Espressif ESP32 over ESP8266 include dual core processor, low powered Bluetooth module, more RAM (~ 400 MB on-chip), hardware accelerated AES and SSD security and simplified APIs.

There will be four PGA / ADC blocks in the chip which would likely be used for power metering, thus providing a one-chip solution for smart sockets.  The CEO’s letter adds that the beta testing for the Espressif ESP32 will commence soon and a bounty program is in the tunnel for people who can hack ESP32.

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