Core i7 4500U Benchmark, Specs

The Intel Core i7 4500U is a ultra low voltage processor with dual cores. Thanks to hyperthreading, it is capable of handling 4 threads at a time. It runs at 1.8GHz clock speed that automatically gets overclocked to 3.0GHz (1 core) or 2.7GHz (2 cores). Benchmark results are given below.

Core i7 4500U

In the cinebench benchmark test, the processor gave us 2.6 points score (CPU multi 64 bit test). Here is a chart of PCMark Vantage 64 bit test where we have compared i7 4500u, Core i5 4200U, Core i7 3537U and Core i7 3770.

Core i7 4500U review

And here is its comparison of processors in PCmark7 benchmark test. 4500U – 4500; i5 4200U – 4468; i7 3537U – 3971; i7 3770 – 3708.

Core i7 4500U Benchmark

Clearly, the 4500U is a beast of a processor scoring higher than any ultrabook processor out there.

Core i7 4500U Benchmark, Specs

Full Core i7 4500U specs can be seen at mytechpartner. It is based on haswell architecture that is the successor to the Intel Ivy Bridge architecture. These new CPUs are manufactured using 22nm. The integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics accompanies it that is clocked at 200 MHz – 1.1GHz. It offers 20 EUs. TDP of the processor is 15 watts.

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