AMD A9-9410, E2-9010, A6-9210 specifications: New AMD APUs released at Computex 2016

AMD has churned out a slew of new processors at the Computex 2016 event and this includes AMD A9-9410, E2-9010, A6-9210. All of these APUs are meant for laptop use and they are cheaper than their Intel counterparts but also less efficient. AMD A9-9410 specs include 2.9GHz CPU frequency with maximum 3.5GHz frequency, R5 Radeon graphics.

AMD A9-9410, E2-9010, A6-9210 specifications

E2-9010 specs include 2GHz clock speed with 2.8GHz max clock speed and Radeon R4 GPU while A6-9210 specifications include 2.9GHz clock frequency and 3.5GHz max clock speed and Radeon R4 GPU. AMD E2 and A6 have dual core graphics cards while A9 feature quad core GPU.

Common specs include DDR4 memory with maximum frequency of 2133MHz, HDMI 2.0 , PCIe Gen 3.0, H.265 / HEVC VP9 and video decoding, as well as operating speeds much higher than the chip value. Since they now run with 15W TDP, the new chips require more energy than many other entry-level AMD APU.

AMD is seeing this as a unique opportunity since Intel has decided to cancel its Atom lineup as this will make it the only company to offer low cost chip with better performance. 

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