Download Sony Xperia M2 TWRP custom recovery: TWRP v3

Sony Xperia M2 TWRP custom recovery is now download-able which means the doors for flashing custom firmwares, ROMs and all sorts of hacks are now open. Here are its installation instructions.

Download Sony Xperia M2 TWRP custom recovery

Download my ADB Pack ‘’ from here.
Now, unzip my ADB Pack ‘’, which contains basic ADB and Fastboot executables to a folder in your desktop. Also, copy the file RECOVERY-TWRP-3.0.2-D230X_D240X.img you downloaded to that folder.
Put your phone in Fastboot mode, this means, while pressing and holding the Vol+ button, connect the USB cable. Once the Led goes blue, stop pressing it.
Now, execute the following keyboard shortcut (Win+R) and type inside the Run prompt CMD. Inside the Command Prompt, using CD (change directory), navigate to the folder you created in the desktop. It’ll be something like this:
cd C:\Users\linuxct\Desktop\adbpack\

Now, execute the following command:
fastboot flash recovery RECOVERY-TWRP-3.0.2-D230X_D240X.img

Now disconnect the USB cable. To get into recovery, press and hold the volume down button, and while you’re holding it, press and hold the Power button until it vibrates. When you see the BIG Sony logo, stop holding the Vol- Button.


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