Samsung NC215S Review

Few months back, Samsung rolled out a netbook that gets its power by solar cells. Samsung initially released samsung nc215s in Kenya and Nairobi but has recently been rolled out in US with a price tag of 400 dollars. It runs Windows 7 and the company promises that it will be able to deliver 14 hours of continuous runtime, thanks to its 6 cell battery and solar power cells.


Samsung says that the solar panels give you one extra hour of runtime for every two hours you spend in sunlight. Nifty! From inside, it is a standard netbook affair. You get a 10.1 inch WSVGA (1024 x 600) display, Atom N570 dual core processor, 250GB / 320GB hard disk, 1GB RAM – all packed in a 1.3 kilo gram frame. One nice feature Samsung has added is matte display that allows you to easy read what is on the display while in direct sunlight. Performance is amazing for the netbook, thanks to the dual core processor, which massively improves multitasking and video playback. You will be able to view 720p video without hiccups.

Anything missing? Well, I would have appreciated an HDMI port. Also, 2GB RAM would have made things even more smoother.

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