Replace Hard Disk Battery RAM of Acer Aspire V11 E11

Few days back the Acer released Aspire V11 and E11 laptops. But did you know how easy it is to replace the hard disk and RAM of those two laptops?

Acer Aspire E11 and V11 are being touted as modern day netbooks that come with Intel Celeron Bay trail processors thus offering much more performance than the older Atom used in 2010-era netbooks.

Folks at myfixguides have published a guide that shows you how easy it is to get inside and replace some key components.

Replace Hard Disk Battery RAM of Acer Aspire V11 E11Acer-Aspire-E3-111-Disassembly-3

Changing the battery

Acer Aspire E3-111 uses this battery: 11.4v, 2640mah, 30wh li-ion battery, Acer P/N: AC13C34. To remove it, disconnect the battery cable, remove two screws securing the battery.


Changing the hard disk

You can remove the hard drive by unscrewing the screws. It comes with a standard Seagate 500GB hard drive.


Change the RAM

The RAM is on the other side of the motherboard. So you will have to disconnect four cables from motherboard, remove five screws securing the motherboard.


Now disconnect the Palm rest cable.


Turn it upside down and you will find the RAM. You can now remove the 4GB Kingston memory.

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