OCZ Vertex 460 SSD Specs

At the CES 2014 event, SSD manufacture OCZ has unveiled their new Vertex 460 SSD. The new drive features the latest Toshiba 19nm MLC Toggle mode NAND flash storage and Barefoot 3 M10 controller.

OCZ Vertex 460 SSD Specs

Vertex 460 spec sheet says that it will provide speeds up to 550 MB/s; up to 95000 IOPs, 120 / 480 GB storage capacities, Indilinx Barefoot 3 M10 controller and as mentioned above, Toshiba’s 19 nanometer multi level cell NAND type storage.

We were told that the Vertex 460 is geared to yield excellent mixed workload performance.

Vertex 460 vs 450
Vertex 460: Up to 550MB/s Sequential Read and Up to 95,000 IOPS 4k Random Read.
Vertex 450: Up to 540MB/s Sequential Read and Up to 85,000 IOPS 4k Random Read.


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