PiPad Tablet with Linux Specs Price

A new tablet called PiPad featuring a 10 inch display has made its debut. It is based on the Raspberry Pi, a popular and economical solution. It runs Linux and has a LVDS LCD display with HD resolution, touch input and built in sensor for adjusting the brightness according to the surroundings around. 

PiPad Tablet with Linux Specs Price

PiPad specs include a has massive battery

PiPad Tablet does not has an industrial design but looks very clean and natural, thanks to its frame that looks like wood. Back panel is made of carbon fiber. There is a full size USB port to ensure you do not have carry nasty dongles on the move.

It is quite thick but that space is well utilized to equip PiPad Tablet with a massive 10000 mAh battery that provides 6 hours of runtime.

This clearly means that either Linux on it sucks a lot of power or the machine is not well optimized. With such battery capacity, we surely expected 3-4 days of use – certainly not six hours.

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