How to install Odoo 9 on Ubuntu VPS

It is very easy to install Odoo 9 on an Ubuntu VPS. For those who do not know, Odoo features a strong suite of business app that are written in Python language. The new version of Odoo, v9 has major changes in the accounting section. Installation should not take more than 30 minutes if everything goes as described below.

Install Odoo on Ubuntu VPS

Install Odoo on Ubuntu VPS

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade


$ sudo nano /etc/odoo-server.conf
admin_passwd = UseStrongPassw0rd

$ su – postgres
$ psql
$ update pg_database set datallowconn = TRUE where datname = ‘template0’;
$ \c template0
$ update pg_database set datistemplate = FALSE where datname = ‘template1’;
$ drop database template1;
$ create database template1 with template = template0 encoding = ‘UTF8’;
$ update pg_database set datistemplate = TRUE where datname = ‘template1’;
$ \c template1
$ update pg_database set datallowconn = FALSE where datname = ‘template0’;
$ \q

$ /etc/init.d/postgresql restart
$ /etc/init.d/odoo-server restart

Now open http://your-server-IP:8069/web/database/manager and create a new database. After DB is created, you will be forwarded to the admin panel. Log in as admin user, change its password and configure Odoo as you need – for instance, installing the extra modules that you might require.

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