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How to install Odoo 9 on Ubuntu VPS

It is very easy to install Odoo 9 on an Ubuntu VPS. For those who do not know, Odoo features a strong suite of business app that are written in Python language. The new version of Odoo,

Nokia Lumia 1020 running Ubuntu OS spotted

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is often being touted as the ultimate camera phone and why not, there is not a single phone market (other than 1020 itself) that packs an enormous 41 megapixel sensor to produce the

Cloudsto EVO Specifications Price

Cloudsto EVO is a low powered Linux computer that is being sold by a UK retailer for just GBP 95. It is palm sized and features ARM Cortex A9 quad core processor. It runs Ubuntu 12.10 operating

PiPad Tablet with Linux Specs Price

A new tablet called PiPad featuring a 10 inch display has made its debut. It is based on the Raspberry Pi, a popular and economical solution. It runs Linux and has a LVDS LCD display with HD

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Ubuntu Specs Price

In the United States, Dell has updated its XPS Developer Edition, Sputnik with the new Intel Haswell processor (choice of Intel Core i5 4200U or i7 4500U) and touchscreen display at a lower price tag. This ultrabook

LibreOffice Linux Download

If you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office and are a Linux / Ubuntu user, look no further than LibraOffice office suit. The new update makes it even more streamlined for corporate use.