Vaio Z 2011 Review

Sony may not the king of laptop world right now, but its Vaio Z 2011 series is undoubtly considered as the best Windows laptop due to jaw dropping looks and sheer power under the bonnet. It is very thin and make use of the new Lightpeak technology by Intel which is identical to the Thunderbolt being used in the latest Apple laptops.


In the review done by slatereview, they note that while the laptop packs a lot of power inside, battery runtimes are not much affected. The reviewer was able to get 7+ hours of runtime with it which commendable for a laptop weighing just 1.1 kg. Read the full Vaio Z 2011 review.


They have also done a review of the accompanying accessory – power media dock which adds HDMI, VGA, and some USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. It also add a discrete graphics which are otherwise missing in the Vaio Z.


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