Upgrade hard disk of Dell Vostro 5480 14 and replace battery

Dell Vostro 5480 14 is a professional laptop but is it easily upgradable? Can one easily upgrade the hard disk or replace the battery. While both are replaceable, they are not as easy as some of the Acer or Lenovo ThinkPad where changing memory, hard disks and battery is child’s play.

Upgrade hard disk of Dell Vostro 5480 14 and replace battery

The Dell Vostro 5480 14 does not have any doors on the bottom but you can easily take off the entire bottom panel by unscrewing the eleven screws. This will give you access to all of the internal components such as hard drives, RAM, battery, wireless network card, speaker, heatsinks and fans.

Dell Vostro 5480 14 hdd and battery life upgrade

While the RAM is not soldered to the motherboard like Dell did to XPS 13 of Dell Vostro 5480 14, you will not able to upgrade it as maximum of only 8GB is supported by one slot and there is no free slot available. But if your Dell Vostro 5480 14 came with less than 8GB RAM, you can upgrade it easily.

As you can see both hard disk and battery can now be changed. The HDD that comes on the Dell Vostro 5480 14 is Seagate 500GB and battery has 51.2 Wh capacity.


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