Samsung NP110S1J is same as Chromebook 2

Take a Samsung Chromebook 2 and add a bit of RAM and storage. Then replace the Chrome OS with Windows and you will get the new Samsung NP110S1J. It is already on sale at $ 540 in Asia.

While Samsung has decided to discontinue selling its laptops including Chromebooks in Europe, the Korean giant continues to sell and launch new models and variants in American and Asian markets. The newest model is Samsung NP110S1J and it looks very similar – at least aesthetically.

samsung NP110S1J

The reason is that Samsung has basically borrowed the Chromebook 2 and equipped with slightly better specifications. Folks at chromium netbooks say that it comes with bigger 128GB SSD and more RAM than the Samsung Chromebook 2. So the spec sheet looks like this Intel Celeron N2840 processor, 4 gigabytes of memory, 128GB of storage space and windows 8 operating system.

Samsung NP110S1J is only available in the Asian market and one Hong Kong shop is selling it for $ 540.


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