Replace Hard disk, GPU, DVD of MSI GX60, complete disassembly instructions

Folks at my fix guide has published a useful guide to the disassembly of the MSI GX60 gaming laptop which was released by the Taiwanese company earlier this year in January.

This how to guide will teach you how to replace hard disk, optical DVD drive, keyboard, palm rest, graphics card GPU, the hinge of the LCD module, wireless LAN, speaker, sink and motherboard.

Accessing the interior is simple – just remove the 7800mAh battery and the screws that hold the unit in place. Once the bottom of the laptop is exposed, the RAM, hard disk, fan, heat sink and GPU processor can be seen.

MSI using an adapter for the connection of the drive and it is possible to convert a standard SATA into a double MSAT and thus leaving wide possibility of choice.

The DVD drive, frame of display, webcam with its micro phone, hinges of the screen, wireless modules, palm rest, keyboard and touchpad’s circuitry can also be easily removed. 

MSI-GX60-DisassemblyMSI-GX60-Replace Hard diskHard disk msi gx60msi gx60 dvd drive


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