Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M specifications, good compromise between performance, price and power consumption

Nvidia has introduced a new video card dedicated for mobile computers called GeForce GTX 965m. It is the cheapest of the high-end segment and thus represents a good compromise between performance, price and power consumption.

Nvidia says the new GeForce GTX 965m is made specifically for Maxwell laptops in mind that run very quite. Embrace yourself to see the GeForce GTX 965m in many laptops as it will be used in myriad budget and mid-range laptops.

The GeForce GTX 965m specifications are quite similar ot the outgoing GTX 870M but consumes much less power. Nvidia says the GPU will bring graphic processing of an mid range desktop to mobile that will ensures gamers to play certain games at full 1080p resolution. Specs include GM204 core, 1024 CUDA cores with 924 MHz clock rate, 128 bits, 4 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory with an operating frequency of 1250 MHz.

GeForce GTX 965m

It comes with Nvidia Boost 2.0 technology as well whose clock frequency will vary on the laptop and the manufacture.

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