MSI WT72 6QN specs include Nvidia Quadro M5500 and priced at 5499 dollars

MSI WT72 6QN is the first mobile workstation that is VR ready thanks to presence of Nvidia Quadro M5500 graphics processing unit. Prices start at $ 5,499 for Core i7-6700HQ, $ 6299 for Core i7-6920HQ and $ 6,899 for Xeon E3-1505M.

MSI WT72 6QN specs

MSI WT72 6QN specs include 17.3 inch full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution display or optional 4k 3840 x 210 pixel display that is 100 percent adore RGB certified. You also get a Blu-Ray burner, six USB 3.0 ports and a Thunderbolt 3 ​​as well as a HD webcam on the display.

MSI WT72 6QN specs (2)

Measuring 428 x 294 x 48 mm, the MSI WT72 6QN weighs 3.8 kilos but it is not the weight that will leave you speechless – it is MSI WT72 6QN price. MSI WT72 6QN start from $ 5,499 (entry-level Core i7-6700HQ).

MSI WT72 6QN specs (1)

Touchscreen totting model goes for 6299 dollars and it comes with Core i7 6920HQ. The top end model comes with Xeon processor and features 32GB ECC RAM. This gaming laptop will have 3-year warranty. Other workstations by MSI and other companies.


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