MSI WS72 6Q specs: 17 inch workstation with Intel Xeon and Nvidia Quadro

MSI WS72 6Q workstation is out and its specs are truly amazing. MSI WS72 6Q specs include Intel Skylake Xeon-based processor and Nvidia Quadro M1000M / M2000M / M3000M graphics to ensures any professional graphics software runs like butter on it. Prices start at 1900 dollars.
MSI WS72 6Q specs

MSI WS72 6Q was presented first at CES 2016 and is available in four SKUs. MSI says MSI WS72 6Q is the best laptop for doing CAD and 3D modeling. Let’s start by saying that MSI WS72 6Q is not a notebook for everybody, but it is mainly directed at professionals (and amateurs) – those who work in the development, animation, game creation, and of their architecture. Not surprisingly, this workstation (like all the other models in the WS-Series), is certified to work with professional programs such as Autodesk, Adobe, PTC Creo, AutoCad, SolidWorks, Maya and Revit . You’ll be sitting pretty.
MSI WS72 6Q specifications

MSI WS72 6Q is a desktop-replacement laptop and is most compact in the market thanks to its aluminum frame. It has a thickness of just 19.9 mm and a weight of 2.5 Kg. In short, it will not be a big problem carry it around in a backpack or messenger bag for short trips or long trips. You can equip it with Core i7-6700HQ and go up to Xeon E3-1505M v5 clocked at 2.8GHz. This is backed by 16GB or 32GB DDR4 RAM at 2133MHz (ECC), and 1TB of disk space HDD (7200RPM) flanked by two 128GB SSD drive each in Super RAID v4 configuration. The display of MSI WS72 6Q is matte type and packs full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels or 4K UHD with MSI True Color technology.

Its screen packs UHD 4K resolution that has 3840 X 2160 resolution and thus have 100-percent Adobe RGB certified display. The screen offers wide viewing angles and this is expected from a workstation laptop of this price tag. Its Nvidia Quadro M2000M pack enough power to handle just about any game or graphic-intensive application out there. Despite packing such amazing specifications, the MSI WS72 is ultra portable and boasts thin profile chassis.

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