MSI GT80 Titan 18.4 gaming laptop specifications, comes with two Nvidia 980 GPU units

The MSI GT80 Titan is not only big in size but does amazingly well in the specification department. It is the laptop to finally dethrones the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro gaming laptop. The MSI GT80 Titan has a unique design with keyboard on the bottom which is usually occupied by the touchpad. This touchpad also acts as dedicated numeric keypad.

MSI GT80 Titan specifications

While technical specifications are not fully available we do know it comes with two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M graphics processing units configured in SLI configuration that is accompanied by Intel Core i7-4980Q processor. There is a 18.4 inch display with 32 gigabytes of RAM. Users can configure it with up to four solid state drives configured in RAID 0 configuration. This is how it looks like.

MSI GT80 Titan

Release date is also not know but we have been told that it will be made available in early 2015. 

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