MSI GE40 Specs, Price, Core i7 4702MQ Review

Intel has officially launched its Haswell processor lineup which means that now the PC makers can release new computers running these CPUs. One of the first to be released is the MSI GE40 gaming laptop. It will not only lure the gamers but also those who like to own a premium laptop that is powerful and portable at the same time.

MSI GE40 Haswell Specs, Price, Core i7 4702MQ

MSI GE40 Specs

The laptop is powered by almost top of the line Intel Core i7 4702MQ processor, Nvidia Geforce GTX 760M GPU, 14 inch display with 1600 x 900 pixel resolution, 8GB RAM, 750HDD 7200 RPM hard disk drive coupled with 128GB mSATA SSD to reduce application runtimes.

The GE40 weighs 4.4 pounds which is pretty light considering it is a gaming laptop. However, since it 1.14 inches thick it is a little bit too chunky to be counted as an ultrabook.

MSI GE40 Price

The laptop will retail at 1200 dollars which is pretty cheap for a powerhouse. Do not expect more than 3 hours battery life when you are using it for gaming. That said, you should be able to squeeze some more life out of it when watching videos or doing web surfing.

Core i7 4702MQ Review

The Intel Core i7 4702MQ is a high end processor meant to be used in gaming laptops. It is made using 22nm manufacturing technology. It has 4 cores capable of handling 8 threads at a time due to hyperthreading. Here are its benchmarking review scores.

1) Cinebench R10 – 17681
2) Cinebench R11.5: CPU Multi 64Bit – 6.3
3) 3DMark 06 – CPU – 6341

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