Lenovo B470 Review

Lenovo B470 is being touted as the successor of the immensely popular B560 which has enjoyed healthy sales in Asian countries. The B470 ditches the Intel P6100 processor for the new Core i5 2410M processor and Geforce 410 GPU. Just like most of the Lenovo laptops, the quality has not been compromised despite the fact that B470 bears a low price tag.


Folks at mobilityupdate have done a review of B470 and they loved its keyboard which is similar to the macbook pro keyboard. Performance wise, it is not an Alienware but a business or a student laptop that offers a balance between power and battery life. The GPU handles high definition, including HD content with ease. Battery life is said to be around 6.5 hours which is amazing. Read the full Lenovo B470 review.

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