Intel 710 SSD Benchmark

Intel 710 SSD is a SATA II SSD that has claimed specs of 38500 IOPS read and 2700 IOPS write speeds. However, all that speed come at a pretty high price tag of 1250 dollars. Compared to 320 series, the 710 is going last you much longer, almost at par with the SLC SSDs.


Folks at thessdreview were able to get their hands on Intel 710 and the below mentioned image tells the whole story. The reviewer was able to attain 283 MB/s read and 230 MB/s write speeds which is actually higher than what company claims (270 MB/s and 210 MB/s respectively). The speeds are similar to any modern SATA II SSD but are pretty slow compared to the SATA III SSDs


And here are the results from crystalmark. Pretty impressive, huh?


Compared to the Intel X25E, the Intel 710 comes in 100GB, 200GB and 300GB capacities. This is higher than the X25E that used to come in only 32GB and 64GB capacities.


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