Acer V5 with Core i7 4550U

Acer V5’s range is a pretty popular laptop and now the company is all set to introduce it with Core i7 4550U, which is an Intel Haswell architecture chip. While its benchmarks are not yet available, we have its specs in hand.

acer v5 i7 4550u

Core i7 4550U specs include 1.5GHz Haswell dual core processor that can automatically overclock to 2.1GHz under turbo boost mode. The CPU is backed by Nvidia GT750M graphics card. This chip features 384 CUDO cores that is clocked at 967MHz. The GPU has 4GB of storage and uses 128 bit interface.

However, Acer will not be making available for purchase until next month, which is when Intel will make Haswell processors official.

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