Acer Travelmate P245, P255, P455, P645 Specs Price

Acer has rolled out a series of new laptops in Amsterdam that includes a new family of laptops under Travelmate P2 series and P4 series. Acer has released a new ultrabook called P645, which has already been covered by our friends at

Acer Travelmate P245, P255, P455 specs price review

Travelmate P645

This is the latest generation ultrabook created for professionals. It comes with outstanding features such as premium chassis that is mate entirely from carbon fiber. It has a thickness of mere 20 mm and weighs of 1.55 kg. The display measures 14 inches and comes in both HD and full HD resolution. It is matte (anti reflective) to ensure you are able to work in brightly lit conditions. You can choose between i5 to Core i7 Intel haswell processor, up to 12GB RAM and 500GB hard disk. You live and die by SSDs. you can equip it with an SSD instead of HDD. We still find the Acer V7 more attractive than P645.

acer travelmate p645 specs price review

The Travelmate P245, P255, P455 come with 14 inch displays which pack HD resolution (1366×768). If you get the models with 15.6 inches, you get the option to get them with full HD resolution (1920×1080). The P245, P255, P455 have been updated from last year model. Their new chassis can bear pressure up to 60Kg/100 mm on the cover and can withstand fall from a height of 74 mm, which makes them ideal for business. They will go on sale in  month of October at a price tag of 549, 699 and 1149 Euros respectively.

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