Acer TravelMate B117 specs: made for school and runs Windows 10

Acer TravelMate B117 is a laptop for school packing Intel Pentium and Celeron processor, up to 4GB RAM and Windows 10 operating system. Acer TravelMate B117 specs are given below. Acer TravelMate B117 most distinctive feature is Acer TeachSmart allowing teacher to distribute materials in the classroom and collect assignments digitally. Acer Travelmate X313 specs and price can be found here.

Acer TravelMate B117 specs review

Acer TravelMate B117 specs

The Acer TravelMate B117 packs 11.6” display just like most of cheap mini laptops out there. The unit is powered by Intel Pentium or Celeron processor, 4GB of DDR3L AM, eMMC or hard disk drive, dual digital microphones and Acer Crystal Eye HD webcam with HDR support. The touchpad supports all windows 10 multitouch gestures and provides smooth and responsive experience.

Wireless radio include 802.11ac with 2×2 MIMO which is up to three times faster than 802.11n. Ports selection includes a USB 3.0 port; 1x USB 2.0 port and a full-size HDMI port with HDCP support.
Acer TravelMate B117 review

Acer TravelMate B117 has built in LED

Acer TravelMate B117 with Acer TeachSmart has a built-in LED in the cover which may flash in different colors. Students can set up to four different colors through a software interface to indicate its status or their own choices, allowing teachers to monitor the situation in the class room. For example, teachers can send multiple choice questions to the whole class and when students respond on the notebook, the LED lights of a color to indicate the answer choice. Or, students can turn on the LEDs after they have finished a task and teachers can monitor the progress of the whole class just by looking at the mini laptop.
Acer TravelMate B117 specs

The LED light can also replace the traditional show of hands, signaling the need for attention to the teacher. In addition, teachers also have an interface that displays the global situation, indicating the number of students who have completed their tasks or the distribution of multiple responses.


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