OtterBox Resurgence iPhone 5S Review, one of the best Power Cases out there

Otterbox finally has a case that is not only rugged but can also charge your phone. It comes with Military-rated drop protection (MIL STD 810G-516.6) and features auto-stop charge technology which automatically stops charging once your iPhone 5/5s is fully charged, saving you power for later.

Resurgence for the iPhone 5/5s Review

Otterbox offers it in four colors – black, white, red and green. Price is quite steep – $99.95 but that is expected from a brand like Otterbox.

OtterBox Resurgence iPhone 5S Review

The dimensions of this case is same as other battery cases but it is slightly taller at 5.6 inches and a tiny bit thicker too at 0.66”. That said it does not feel very large.

There are four LEDs that indicate battery juice remaining inside the case. Since it has 2000mAh cell inside, you can expect it to charge a fully depleted iPhone 5.

Its auto stop feature works as expected and it definitely gives it an edge over other battery cases for the iPhone 5S.

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